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Who is JOY?

30, CA born, WEST COAST at heart, desert dwelling at present.

What inspires me?


Storytelling is in all communication & design.

We live, eat, sleep breath it- even if we do not realize it.

What a message communicates is powerful. It can persuade or deter, be negative or positive.


In my early twenties, I packed a backpack, a camera and my adventure to understand the culture of people in the Middle East. Photojournalism was a tool for me to understand the unknown rather than leave it blank. I saw my creativity inspired through taking a risk in an uncomfortable place. My fearless personality really throttled when traveling became more than a folded-up map but an existential choice to seek outside of what is in “my” world and find the treasures.

So often an idea larger than our self will sit on the bookcase of our mind. It isn’t until we reach beyond the perception of who we think we are, to who we believe we are. Failure is just a roadblock to what is capable, our imagination will be limitless if we stay in our lane and focus our energy on what we see as beyond us. Cures for cancer, new technology that creates positive societal change- people are now not living in poverty, rather self- sustaining. It is the unlikely yes that creates the momentum to do what’s beyond you.

I am working towards years of “yes’s” of the unknown and finally seeing my creative talents, business abilities, and most of all growth in it all.

I am a visionary, I am a leader - creativity is caught not taught. I am thriving the most when I am challenged to new heights and surrounded by those that see the vision. We are a team, and we eat sleep and breath a solution to that problem and working it out together is the best reward.

She is the co-founder of, a mother- daughter team to bring inspiration and hope to women around the world . Their contagious creativity becomes a catalyst for change to help abused and exploited women realize their potential. Teaching art to children and seeing them realize their dream has always been a passion! Joy seeks the vision-less and creates vision."We create the canvas of her soul as we extrapolate the true gem buried inside, one woman at a time. Contagious creativity!"

Their upcoming project involves creating an inspirational documentary throughout the bazaars of colorful India, capturing the untold stories of women entrepreneurs and what inspires them.

"We have nothing to gain from you, but we have everything to pour into you." - Mary Ann Hopkins.

As a team of designers, we believe that "creativity is the fabric of a woman's soul."

Be a part of their adventure as two interior designers from Scottsdale, Arizona dig through the markets of India searching out the radiant diamonds in women to empower and set them on a creative inspirational journey.

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